The NSW legislation website is the primary source for NSW legislation.
It is managed by the Parliamentary Counsel's Office.

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We’ve started uploading FAQs to answer the feedback questions we’ve been receiving. Find them on the Help page.

Welcome to the beta version of the new NSW legislation website.

This ‘under construction’ version of the website will be available over the coming months while we work to refine and develop it before launching it as the new official website, which is expected to be mid-year.

We hope you’ll take the time to familiarise yourself with some of the slightly changed page layouts and also discover the new features and functionality we’re building in to the website to give all users better access to NSW legislation and legislative information. You can expect to see changes from visit to visit as development continues, so we recommend regular return visits.

Given the website is still under development, you need to be fully aware of the following limitations—

  • Content that is currently on this beta website was uploaded in July 2020 and is ‘frozen’ as at that time, for example, you may see now-repealed titles appearing in the In force collection.
  • Initially, none of the legislative content on this beta website will change at all, though the features and functionality will continue to change and informational text will be gradually uploaded.
  • The beta website may perform slowly at times, especially when downloading very large files.

Please understand you cannot rely on the versions of legislation available on this beta remains the official website for NSW legislation.  

By late April we hope to upload all current content and then start publishing simultaneously to the official website and the beta website. We will let you know when this happens, though the beta website will still not be the official website until we have completed all planned development and testing.

We would welcome your feedback about the beta website—please send us a feedback email. (You can also click the Feedback button on the beta website.)